No Tears For You Tonight

Clear as daylight
Was the night
You left me
No tears for you tonight

You were wild
Like a carefree child
Fed with Love’s golden spoon
No tears for you tonight

You’ll never see me cry
For my eyes are desert dry
Now that you’re gone
No tears for you tonight

I won’t show you the pain
My composure I will maintain
Because I deserve better than you
No tears for you tonight


Life After Death


Tell me,departed soul,is there life after death?
Tell me for I want to know
Because,knowing that,someday I’ll be facing death
I want to live my life without regret


Let Go


I stood there and I bowed my head.I see that he’s happy and that they’re back together.I’m happy for him.I close my eyes and tears fall from them.He looks at my direction and I wipe the tears and turn away.

I managed to bring two people back together and with that I’m happy because I’d rather leave than feel the pain.

This is The Part Where I Detach

My friend talked to me yesterday about me and how I carry myself and etc.I accepted what she and others said about me and I acknowledge my faults and all. To be honest,I feel too close to someone once they accept me anf I don’t really know why but maybe I am too lonely,maybe that’s why.

I should detach myself for a while a guess and make my studies my first priority…🙍

I’m just detaching not disappearing.




I honestly feel invisible now and it’s not really fine because it kind off hurts,especially when you’re invisible to your friends.

I mean I know I’m not that talkative but please consider the fact that I’m there
because so far,you rarely see me.

Maybe that’s why I asked if you hated me even though we just met.(I was stupid back then).I know you didn’t but I chose the wrong words and we ended up being more distant because of that.

(I don’t blame you I was also insecure back then.)

But I know for a fact that I will get used to this because I’ve always been like this since then but now,it hurts.

I am invisible and maybe I will fade to evanesence.

I’m depressed I guess but I will not look for suicide as an answer because it never is,it never was and it will never be.

This is a rant about myself.I’m sorry for ranting the emotions I’ve kept inside.
I’m strong but the pain is just too much to bear.

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