Life After Death


Tell me,departed soul,is there life after death?
Tell me for I want to know
Because,knowing that,someday I’ll be facing death
I want to live my life without regret



Let Go


I stood there and I bowed my head.I see that he’s happy and that they’re back together.I’m happy for him.I close my eyes and tears fall from them.He looks at my direction and I wipe the tears and turn away.

I managed to bring two people back together and with that I’m happy because I’d rather leave than feel the pain.

This is The Part Where I Detach

My friend talked to me yesterday about me and how I carry myself and etc.I accepted what she and others said about me and I acknowledge my faults and all. To be honest,I feel too close to someone once they accept me anf I don’t really know why but maybe I am too lonely,maybe that’s why.

I should detach myself for a while a guess and make my studies my first priority…🙍

I’m just detaching not disappearing.




I honestly feel invisible now and it’s not really fine because it kind off hurts,especially when you’re invisible to your friends.

I mean I know I’m not that talkative but please consider the fact that I’m there
because so far,you rarely see me.

Maybe that’s why I asked if you hated me even though we just met.(I was stupid back then).I know you didn’t but I chose the wrong words and we ended up being more distant because of that.

(I don’t blame you I was also insecure back then.)

But I know for a fact that I will get used to this because I’ve always been like this since then but now,it hurts.

I am invisible and maybe I will fade to evanesence.

I’m depressed I guess but I will not look for suicide as an answer because it never is,it never was and it will never be.

This is a rant about myself.I’m sorry for ranting the emotions I’ve kept inside.
I’m strong but the pain is just too much to bear.

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Who was I kidding from the start?
I already knew you were going to break my heart
Yet I hold on to false hope
And look what it has made me into,a dope.

I thought I could change you
Like what happens in a romantic book
But it was too good to be true
Fiction from reality,I mistook.

And now here I am crying
No one else to blame but you.
But even though I keep denying,
I am still in love with you

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P.S:I was confused on what to call this poem so comments will be appreaciated.(=)

Love And Hate